football defenseman tackles player from opposing team - speed strength balance follow through rear foot positioning


 John Kim Paris Performance Pedorthist discussing the optogait gait analysis system, testing and methodology
Optigate Gait Analysis

Optogait is a gait analysis system capable of acquiring various data points of movement. It uses LEDs and infrared to measure temporal and spatial aspects such as stride length, swing and stance phases while walking, and flight time and contact times while running. Optogait provides insight into qualitative measure of modifiable risk factors with video-assisted visual assessment.

Adam Janke Paris Pedorthist discussing y balance test - identify limitations functional biomechanical movement patterns
Y Balance Test

Y Balance test is a reliable tool to assess risk of injury and to assist in return to activity and pre-participation protocol. It is a research-based assessment of dynamic posture control based on identification of asymmetries. The test protocol consists of three single leg stance movements that demand neuromuscular control, proprioception, musculoskeletal range of motion, strength and stability.

 Adam Janke Paris Performance Pedorthist discussing the Pedorthic Biomechanical assessment method
Pedorthic Biomechanics Assessment

Pedorthic assessment is a kinetic and a kinematic analysis of the foot and the ankle, their interaction with the ground, and its impact on human locomotion. During an assessment, a pedorthist observes static alignment, dynamic gait pattern, and joint range of motion of an individual.





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